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About Us: Springs Concrete's Story

About Us: Springs Concrete's Story

Hi, I am Daniel, the passionate artisan behind Springs Concrete.

My adventure with Springs Concrete began two decades ago, shaped by a cross-country voyage from Tennessee to Colorado. Trading traditional academics for the gratifying work of the concrete trade, I started my career as an 18-year-old laborer for the largest concrete company in Colorado Springs.

Fortuitously, I found mentors in the seasoned craftsmen at the company. They passed on their knowledge and experience, leading me to quickly ascend the ranks to foreman. It was then that the entrepreneurial seed was planted – the idea of creating my own venture took root.

In my free time, I began advertising my expertise, passing out flyers to generate business. To my astonishment, the phone started ringing. My maiden voyage as a contractor was a small concrete driveway that I completed over three days. The satisfaction I derived from working with the customer and the favorable compensation led to an epiphany – concrete contracting was my calling.

Word of my quality workmanship quickly spread, and soon enough, I was inundated with projects. Half a year later, I bid farewell to my job and embraced the life of a full-time concrete contractor. Springs Concrete came into existence in 2006, and we made a name for ourselves by designing concrete patios and driveways across Colorado Springs.
As we built our portfolio, we also ventured online, launching the first version of our website – www.SpringsConcrete.com. The fortuitous timing of this move, coinciding with the release of Apple’s first iPhone and Google’s favorable SEO algorithms, sent us into a new trajectory of growth.

While the financial downturn of 2008-09 struck many businesses, Springs Concrete, being lean and unencumbered by high overheads and debt, continued to flourish. Our agile, 21st-century business model proved effective, setting us apart in the industry.
Over the ensuing years, the unwavering support of my family, team, and clients bolstered our growth. We emerged as the go-to experts for stamped concrete patios and concrete driveways in Colorado Springs.

Next, we delved into the niche of heated concrete and asphalt driveways. After substantial learning, training, and application, Springs Concrete has now earned the distinction of being Colorado’s premier heated concrete and asphalt driveway contractor.

Our most recent evolution involves offering third-party project management, project consulting, and expert witness services for construction defect cases.

Beyond work, I am a devoted Christian, conservative, proud American, and family man cherishing traditional family values. Blessed with three incredible children and a supportive partner, I also enjoy hiking Colorado’s alpine trails, skiing down the finest mountains, traveling to unique places with my family, and meticulously restoring classic Mopar cars.

Thank you for learning about my journey. To further explore our services, kindly call 719.963.3927 or click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button below. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to serving your concrete and asphalt needs.

Daniel Flansburg 
Estimator / Managing Member / Consultant
Springs Concrete, LLC
719.963.3927 office

Daniel Flansburg